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Corona-Scan & Corona-Support - Innovative Apps

Vee Protect is a part of The Sona Group that manufactures and supplies high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company supplies head-to-toe personal protective gear, PPE kits as well as hand wash, sanitizers, contactless key tool and infrared thermometer to those working in high-risk environments, such as healthcare centres, isolation/holding centers, etc. the products supplied by Vee Protect can also be worn by general public to prevent infection, even when they do their day-to-day chores. They also supply welcome safety kits to corporates and other workplaces, which can be distributed to the employees to ensure utmost safety at the workplace.

Corona-Scan & Corona-Support - Innovative Apps

Students from the Sona College of Technology, Salem along with the engineers from Vee Technologies, Bangalore, have developed two innovative apps - Corona-Scan & Corona-Support - to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Sona Group Provides its Technical Interns Job Opportunity in Japan

We all have the ambition of making it big in our career. Given an opportunity to work abroad, anyone would lap it up. Japan these days is coming up as a huge opportunity for jobs. The current Japanese industry provides 2nd maximum job opportunity after USA worldwide. The recent G20 summit was a golden opportunity where our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had promised 50,000 students job recruitments in Japan. Sona Yukti which is an integral part of The Sona Group has enabled some students to go to Japan and work there. Few students Arul Prakash and Pathi Manikchan have been provided with the opportunity to work in Japan.