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Women Technology Park (WTP)


How Women Technology Park is changing lives

Shanti, 31, now leads a self-help group with six others, making paver blocks, leaving her daily wage days behind. Differently-abled Rajni, 36, is elated that she can confidently compete with others with a garment maker in rural Salem and earn a living for herself and her family, thanks to a novel sewing machine that she can operate easily with just her hands.

These are just two examples of scores of women who are now carving out a new means of earning self-respect, regular income thanks to the Women Technology Park initiative by Sona College of Technology.

Valliappa Foundation, Centre for Social Responsibility Initiatives and other Sona Group institutions are opening up a world of new opportunities, uplifting the lives of not only hundreds of women, but also their families.

Women Technology Park

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Women Technology Park

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Women Technology Park

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Women Technology Park

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Women Technology Park

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