Eclectic Nature of The Sona Group: A Comprehensive Look at the Group’s Range of Businesses


The Sona Group is one of the oldest premium business groups that are successful in a variety of sectors, from agriculture to IT. Successful businesses possess a few qualities that keep them thriving in the industry. The Sona Group has qualities like a clear vision and mission, excellent leadership, a strong workforce, adaptability, innovation, continuous learning and improvement, customer focus, and strong partnerships. Its logo, the banyan tree, aptly symbolizes its strength, stability, spreading roots, and growth.

Since its Inception in the 1920s, The Sona Group has created numerous companies, non-profit organizations and projects, research and development centers, and educational institutions to support the community through their service.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the group’s various businesses and their contributions to innovation and society.

Group of Companies

Vee Technologies: A Global Consulting and Outsourcing Company

Vee Technologies, headquartered in New York and Bangalore, is a leading consulting and professional services organization in the healthcare, engineering, IT & Analytics, Finance and Accounting, Logistics, Media, and e-governance industries. It offers cutting-edge, technology-enabled solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 500 firms to mid-size companies. It helps its clients achieve extraordinary outcomes, cut costs, build value, and realize their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently.

Being in the industry for more than two decades, Vee Technologies has numerous achievements and accolades. Some of them are recognition by Inc. 5000 as amongst the fastest growing American companies for a prestigious 7th straight year, being named in The Global Outsourcing 100 List by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP) for the seventh time in a row, and being awarded Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work – 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Vee Technologies is inclined to revolutionize the global market by reducing overhead costs while improving customer satisfaction and financial outcomes. Its strategic partnership with clients helps it collectively and consistently deliver excellence allowing them to grow together as well as independently.

To align with the growing demand for a trusted partner in the healthcare services sector, Vee Technologies has announced a massive demand (1200+ openings) for talent. Despite the recession, across other verticals – Engineering, IT and Analytics – they have hundreds of openings currently.

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HireMee: Assessment Provider

Unemployment is a social issue that affects millions of young people in India. HireMee believes that every candidate deserves equal access to employment opportunities. It helps ‘fresh-out-of-college’ as well as experienced talent by evaluating 7 skill areas and offering comprehensive reports free-of-cost. It offers a wide range of products to cater to assessment, recruitment, and conduction of examination: HireMee Jobility, HireMee GOLD, HireMee PRO, HireMee ProEx, and HireMee Skills, and a few more.

Committed to transforming the employability of the students and the nature of job markets, it has made its products into platforms for candidates from colleges & universities in the tier 2 and 3 cities so that they can easily access leading corporates. Recently, one of HireMee’s job postings in its portal attracted 10k+ candidates to apply, offering equal opportunity to candidates across the country.

HireMee has been awarded for its commitment and excellence with Most Promising Assessment Service Provider 2023 award by ArdorComm Media, made to the top 5 finalists in XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling Competition, and has also been awarded Innovative Assessment Solution Provider 2021 by ASMA Insights and Collegedunia.

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Vee Track: Media Monitoring Services

Vee Track is a media monitoring service company that serves businesses in India. Its range of services includes media monitoring, media tracking, and media analysis across all media types.

Keeping track of media is essential for any organization or business, whether it is print, electronic, or social media. Vee Track's complete solutions keep businesses informed of all media references. It makes sure that the return on advertising, social media marketing, and print and electronic media promotions is higher.

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Sona Yukti: Skill Development and Training Provider

Sona Yukti develops skill-based, industry-relevant courses to address the skill gap among students. Its objectives are transforming the community through learning and skills development, improving business productivity, and enhancing youth employability and entrepreneurship at a nominal charge.

It is a partner of the Government of India’s Digital India Program PMGDISHA (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan) and empowers rural India to become skilled at using digital applications that impact various industries. Also, it is an accredited partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), offering extraordinary skill education.

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Valliappa Textiles: A Pioneer in Textile Industry

Being a pioneer in the textile sector, Valliappa Textiles has demonstrated independence over six decades and survived in this very competitive and evolving sector. Valliappa Textiles was established by activist and philanthropist Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar. He is known as the Textile King for his unwavering efforts and commitment to the growth of Valliappa Textiles and his other 15 textile units.


Valliappa Plantation: Yielding Aromatic Coffee Beans and Spices

Lalbagh Estate of The Sona Group is located in Chikmagalur's Baba Budan Mountain range. Both the Arabica and Robusta kinds of coffee are cultivated on their 1300-acre farm. They also have coffee plantations in Coorg, including the Yemmegoondie Estate, one of the first estates in India to cultivate coffee of the strongest flavour.

Their beans are distinctive due to their weight and iron content. Their spices are of premium quality. Pepper, cardamom, and other spices cater to palates in India and abroad. Their entire production of pepper, 25 tons of it, is exported all over the world.


Valliappa Real Estate: Aesthetic and Sustainable Construction

The Sona Group's major focus on the organization's initiatives created a way for them to enter construction industry by building their organization’s office and institutions in the 1980s. Later, the construction section gradually transformed into the full-fledged construction enterprise it is today. Numerous residential and commercial building projects have been successfully completed by them. Sona Towers, Sona Vistaas, and Sona Home are three of its illustrious constructions.

Sona Towers

Sona Towers, which span 1.2 lakh square feet, is in the centre of Bangalore. This renowned building in Bangalore was the "birthplace of IT in India" in 1985, and it was also the location of the first Software Technological Park in India, where businesses like IBM, Motorola, Verifone, and other top IT firms established their first Indian offices.


Sona Vistaas

Sona Vistaas is divided into 6 clusters of low-rise communal living complexes and is constructed on 10 acres of open space. Residents’ connection to nature is maintained via multi-level green pockets throughout the area. Each home is planned to have a lot of windows, ventilation, and natural light. The project is carefully planned to offer an oasis of convenience and peace, and it is situated in a prime location to minimize travel time for all lifestyle requirements.

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Vee Trace: Trace Covid-19 Infected

A cutting-edge, location-based contact tracing tool called Vee Trace was created to stop the spread of contagious illnesses. This software provides easy tracking of COVID-19 patients' movements and prompt alarms.

Vee Trace is made to monitor the affected people and alert users when they are within a 1-kilometer radius of them. Public registration is required, along with precise progress updates, for the application to offer the utmost benefits.

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Sona 3PL: A Trusted Logistics Partner

Sona 3PL is a renowned provider of warehouse and supply chain management services. They provide technology-enabled solutions in a high-quality and affordable manner as a dependable partner to businesses and organizations throughout the world.

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Non-Profit Organizations of the Group

Valliappa Foundation: Serving for Education, Employment, and Empowerment

Working with underserved communities to improve their quality of life and well-being through education, employment, and empowerment is the Valliappa Foundation's objective. In order to accomplish its purpose, the Foundation promotes technological approaches to ending hunger, and low-cost methods of storing agricultural surplus and lowering malaria and tuberculosis incidence rates. Young graduates can also receive placement-related, employment-oriented skill training through their dedicated programs.

Organizations that operate under the Valliappa Foundation are Vee+ Svasa, Sona FM 89.6, and Anadhanam.

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- Vee+ Svasa

To protect the well-being of society, the group has launched a free app that will help COVID patients in various ways. The app provides a wealth of learning on treating themselves at home. The tips are sourced from John Hopkins University.

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- Sona FM 89.6

Sona FM 89.6 Community Radio was launched as a service to the residents of the Salem district. It airs programs that benefit the local population by educating, entertaining, and informing the community about local to world affairs, interesting stories of men, women, and kids, and more.

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- Anadhanam

Anadhanam digital platform works to end world hunger by providing a solid technological foundation that enables NGOs to easily coordinate with suppliers, volunteers, and logistical partners to collect surplus food, evaluate the food's quality, and distribute it to people in Below Poverty Line (BPL) zones and hunger hotspots.

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Chockalingam Trust: Working 100+ Years for Societal Well-being

The Chockalingam Trust, established in 1917 by M.S. Chockalingam, is a symbol of patriotism and fosters new horizons of economic and social prosperity for communities in India. They work for women's empowerment, skill development, social wellness, healthcare, and agriculture.

Some of their notable social activities are:

  • Offering career planning and career mapping awareness to the students.
  • Creating a medium for women to grow through Women Empowerment Cell and Rural Women Technology Parks (WTP), offering skill development training, workshops, and lectures.
  • Initiating a Short-Term Skill Training Program for Unemployed Youth of rural India to promote their employability with the support of the Directorate of Technical Education (DoTE), Chennai, and the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC).
  • Developing Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for early detection of breast cancer for women in Kandar Kula Manickam, Salem District, Tamil Nadu.
  • Offering various scholarships like international scholarships, economic scholarships, merit scholarships, Meenakshi Aachi scholarships, and a few more.
  • Supporting various R&D Centers of the trust institutions. The R&D centers are SonaSPEED, SonaCRND, SonaPERT, SonaPLC, SonaWEB, among others.

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The Sona Group has set its footprints across numerous business verticals. Through its organizations, they empower society and contribute to the development of the nation: creating jobs, enhancing economic growth, innovating and advancing technology, acting responsibly on societal concerns, transferring knowledge and skills, and building a business ecosystem and supply chain.