Just Give Us Your Invoices and We’ll Handle the Rest

Sona 3PL Expertly Manages Warehouse Operations, Logistics Services, and Customer Delivery.
We are a 3rd party Logistics provider

Sona 3PL is a third-party logistics provider that offers customized and top-quality warehousing and distribution services for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.



Sona Logistics is a leading supply chain and warehousing solutions organization headquartered in Bangalore, India. We work as a trusted partner to enterprises and organizations worldwide, delivering technology-enabled solutions in quality and cost. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Toyota, Samsung, Cisco, and Texas Instruments. Sona Logistics’ unique dedication to our clients reflects our passion for providing supply chain solutions. We strive to make a positive impact in each aspect of our client's businesses.

For nearly three decades, manufacturers in the automobile, food and beverage, textile, clothing, and electronics industries have relied on Sona Logistics for solutions that enable them to overcome their day-to-day business challenges. As a top third-party logistics provider, we execute complex processes and mitigate unexpected business interruptions that arise from economic fluctuations, hiring and retention challenges and increases in expense and overhead costs. By partnering with Sona Logistics, your organization will no longer spend valuable time and resources on non-core business functions.

Our clients see better cash flow, the elimination of infrastructure investments, increased risk distribution, and an improved ability to adapt to changes. In addition to these benefits, our clients receive access to world-class processes, products, services, and technology that take their operations to the next level.

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What We Do:

Our years of experience in the global shipping industry and related contract management enable us to provide you with back-office auditing and contract review services. All overcharges and faults are disclosed together with complete shipment data so that reimbursements can be claimed directly from the designated carrier.

Our Advantage to You:

Paid bills are frequently not re-checked for inaccuracies, particularly when large numbers of payments are involved. Due to changing factors such as increased workload, personnel changes, or contract adjustments, these errors may go unreported even when closely watched. At significant cost savings to you, our professional team guarantees that freight invoices are inspected to discover any concerns with the carriers.

Benefits of Sona 3PL:

Delivery within 48 Hours

Dedicated Employees

Owned Equipment & Drivers

Simplifying complex logistics with cutting-edge services:

Inland Freight Bill Auditing

Our freight audits verify that you only pay for services you obtained and at the rates you agreed to cover. To identify billing problems and file claims against recover overbilling, we compare freight invoices to contractual responsibilities. According to studies, processing an invoice for payment internally costs organizations more than $7.00. Vee Technologies' pricing structure can save your business up to 85% on invoice processing costs, resulting in a higher bottom line. Contact Vee Technologies today to learn more about how our freight bill auditing services can help you cut costs and boost profits. Read More

Ocean Freight Auditing

To reduce payment errors, our global clientele requires our expert ocean freight auditing services. The audit validates that the correct freight rates are billed in compliance with the ocean freight carriers' stipulated rates. Read More

Audit Prospects

Audits on prior shipments can normally be undertaken for up to three years, based on specific restrictions on claims processed by carriers, which may allow you to file a claim for qualifying refunds from the respective carriers.

Invoice Processing

Our invoice processing services ensure that your company's resources are focused on its key business operations. To effectively recognize product placements, manage AR, and identify your company situation, we take on the entire back-end transactions and invoice processing activities for enterprises.

With a robust team of highly skilled software programmers and analysts actively responsible for providing support functions for the data processing team, Vee Technologies has the skills and subject knowledge to perform processing.

Invoice processing includes:

Read More

Freight Audit & Payment Portal

Vee Technologies' freight audit and payment service act as a middleman between shippers and carriers, receiving, processing, and paying freight bills. We've created an automated Freight Audit and Payment Portal that's utilized to help solve freight invoices and make the audit and payment procedure as painless as possible. The portal's complete automation offers greater freight cost reductions, data transparency, and other benefits.

The purpose of our portal is to streamline the process of reviewing, modifying, and certifying freight bills to ensure accuracy. Manufacturers, organizations, and individuals who carry goods regularly can save up to 5% on transport costs while reducing full-time resources and better managing their carrier contracts with this rapid and effective form of freight bill audit and payment.

Finance and Accounting Services

Vee Technologies offers a broad range of finance payment solutions to assist streamline, organize, and integrate financial information that is important to a company's smooth and efficient operation. We assist companies in achieving the correct balance in business transactions, ensuring compliance, and maximizing funds.

Our end-to-end financial accounting services offer you all of the data you need to manage a successful company. On a weekly, monthly, and annual basis, we give financial reports ranging from open bills to payroll summaries, projections to budget vs actual review reports, trial balances, finalization reports, financial statements, and much more. Read More


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Our Detailed Scope of Work

Just Give Us Your Invoices and We’ll Handle the Rest. Sona 3PL Expertly Manages Warehouse Operations, Logistics Services, and Customer Delivery.

Sl No Operations Head Category Owner
1 Inventory
Stock Investment Customer
Stock Management Sona 3PL
Stock Handling Sona 3PL
Stock Checking / Perpetual Inventory Sona 3PL
Stock Variance responsibility Sona 3PL
2 Warehouse
Warehouse Rent Sona 3PL
Warehouse Deposit Sona 3PL
WMS - Warehouse Management System Sona 3PL
TPM -Total Productivity Management Sona 3PL
3 Manpower
Manager Sona 3PL
Asst. Manager Sona 3PL
Supervisor Sona 3PL
Computer Operator Sona 3PL
Clerk / Documents Incharge Sona 3PL
Accountant Sona 3PL
Admin Officer Sona 3PL
Transport Incharge Sona 3PL
Customer Service officer Sona 3PL
Pickers Sona 3PL
Helpers Sona 3PL
Housekeeper Sona 3PL
Security Guards Sona 3PL
Security Supervisor Sona 3PL
4 Infrastructure
Racks and Pallets Sona 3PL
Hand Pallet trucks (HOPT) Sona 3PL
Office Cabin / Infracture Sona 3PL
Security Cabin Sona 3PL
CC cameras Sona 3PL
Record Room Sona 3PL
Work Station Sona 3PL
Computers / Lap tops Sona 3PL
UPS and Printers Sona 3PL
Networking and Connectivity Sona 3PL
Biometric device Sona 3PL
Gen set Sona 3PL
5 Unloading and Loading
Vehicle unloading Sona 3PL
Material verfication and stacking Sona 3PL
GC accounting Sona 3PL
Sales invoice generation Customer
Order picking document Sona 3PL
Material picking and verification Sona 3PL
Material Loading Sona 3PL
6 Transportation
Vehicle arrangement Sona 3PL
Drivers Managing Sona 3PL
Vehicle Tracking Sona 3PL
Vehicle Management Sona 3PL
Vehicle Service / Handling Sona 3PL
Vehicle documentation Sona 3PL
Lorry Receipt preperation Sona 3PL
POD Collection Sona 3PL
Freight Charges & Payments Sona 3PL
7 Audits and Documentaion
Filing of Records Sona 3PL
Audit Records Management Sona 3PL
Storing Records up to One year Sona 3PL
8 Stock, Hygine & Environment
Warehouse Hygiene Sona 3PL
Stock Hygiene Sona 3PL
Housekeeping Sona 3PL
Good Environment Sona 3PL
9 HSE (Health Safety Environment) Standard
First Aid Sona 3PL
Fire extinguisher Sona 3PL
PPE's Sona 3PL
On Job Safety programmes Sona 3PL
10 Management Information System (MIS Reports)
Daily Reports Sona 3PL
Weekly Reports Sona 3PL
Montly Reports Sona 3PL
Stock Reports Sona 3PL
11 Value Added Services
Barcode scanning Sona 3PL
Barcode, MRP & offer stickering on products Sona 3PL
Material shrink wrapping Sona 3PL
Material strapping & cramping Sona 3PL
Loose units repacking as per customer requirements (CSD, Metro etc) Sona 3PL
Reverse logistics (Return material collection from customers) Sona 3PL
forklift Sona 3PL
12 Built to Suit Sona 3PL

Our Locations

  • Site Location: On the Bangalore-Kanakapura Road on NH 209
  • Yedamadu Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapur Taluk, Ramanagar Dist
  • 14 Km form NICE Road Junction towards Kanakapura
  • Well connected by All roads and industrial hubs like Harohalli , Bidadi Industrial estate
  • Surrounded by lush greeneries and water bodies like Suvarnamuki River



VSTP Sy No 79, 80, 81 & 82 Hejjala Village, Ramanagar Dist - 562109.

Kanakapura Road

Sy No 50,66,67,68, Kanakapura Main Road, Yedamadu Village, Harohalli Hobli, Ramanagara.

Tamil Nadu

4/14, Reddipatti Road, Anna Nagar, Mamangam, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636302.


Mr. H. Shiva Rao

Vice President

+91 - 984 410 8129

K Sridharan

General Manager Administration

+91 - 886 130 3582