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The Sona Group is a premier business group in India. The origins of the group can be traced back to pre-Independence India. The Group was founded by Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagaraja Chettiar, who was moved by the plight of tea garden workers in the country. He was drawn to the freedom movement and set out to empower his fellow countrymen to enhance India’s economic development. He aimed to achieve this lofty goal through education and industrial development resulting in the employment of Indians. Since its inception in the 1920s, The Sona Valliappa Group has pioneered India’s growth in the fields of agriculture, textiles, real estate, IT, education and research.

Group Companies

veetechnologies logo

Chocko Valliappa established Vee Technologies, a premier business process and operations consulting services company, offering cutting-edge solutions to organizations around the world. With a powerful blend of people, processes and groundbreaking technology-enabled solutions, Vee Technologies offers services that encompass:

  • Strategy & Consulting Services
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal process outsourcing
  • E-governance
HireMee logo

HireMee is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by The Sona Group. It is a state-of-the-art web portal and mobile app that connects companies and recruiters with students all over India.

  • AI-based platform to bridge the gap between industry and academia
  • Pooled Campus Registration
  • Quality evaluation through AI-based remote proctoring
  • AI-based online assessment for educational institutes

Valliappa Foundation logo

With an objective to educate the secluded and the underprivileged, Valliappa Foundation was created by Shri. Karumuthu Thiagarajan Chettiar. Through various programs and initiatives, Valliappa Foundation is providing skill development training, employment orientation, and placement-linked training to young minds around the country.

Sona Yukti logo

Sona Yukti gives transformational support to youth development through job-specific skills development and entrepreneurship training. We have multiple technical centers to cater to offline education and employment needs.


VeeTrace is an innovative contact tracing app that is specifically designed to help businesses resume work safely by monitoring employee/customer health to prevent the spread of infection. The app helps to achieve daily wellness and hand hygiene compliance that ensure superior protection.

Vee Track logo

India’s leading Media Tracking and Monitoring Service. VeeTrack enables its clients to monitor their needs across all media through extensive coverage, highly qualified professionals and cutting edge technology. Our specialist expertise helps you plan and improve your corporate and brand communication and Public Relation efforts.

Anadhanam logo

The Sona Group’s Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) arm Valliappa Foundation developed Anadhanam, a digital platform to resolve global hunger. This technology empowered platform helps NGOs and other private and government agencies to connect with each other as well as excess food sources, volunteers and logistics partners to collect excess food, test it for quality and then redistribute it to those in hunger hotspots such as Below Poverty Line (BPL) zones.

Sona Home - Logo

Sona Home is a highly functional home planning and designing application that helps anyone who wants to construct their homes and provides them with clarity on planning, designing and tracking the construction activities. However, the app not only benefits the home buyers, but also assists vendors in different ways.

Vee+ svasa

The Vee+ Svasa app was created by Vee Technologies to assist COVID patients during these hard moments. The app has a variety of information on how to cure themselves at home. It also has real-time tracking for available hospital beds and many more.

Sona 3PL

Sona Logistics is a part of The Sona Group, which is a supply chain and warehousing solutions organization. We serve as a trusted partner to businesses and organizations all over the world, delivering high-quality, low-cost technology-enabled solutions. We work hard to create a positive difference in every part of our client's operations.


Mycelium India, a part of The Sona Group, focuses on coffee waste extraction and uses that as an organic fertilizer after growing mushrooms with it. They were creating a closed-loop system and launching a campaign to shift people's thinking about food, waste, and mushrooms production. The numerous Mycelium products are ideal for daily use. The goods are non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, sugar-free, and curated in Australia, which adds to the mushroom's benefits.

Chockalingam Trust Logo

Chockalingam Trust, established in 1917, is committed to serving society by promoting new horizons of economic and social growth in communities across the world through women empowerment, training programs, education, R&D, social responsibilities, healthcare, and agriculture.

Sona Vistaas logo

Sona Vistaas is a real-estate project with 6 clusters of low-rise Community Living in Bangalore city. With a lush-green environment and landscape view, accented by natural lighting and ventilation, and optimized for functional living areas, Sona Vistaas brings you a space for serenity and comfort.

Sona FM 89.6 logo

Sona FM 89.6 is a community radio initiative by Valliappa Foundation with a motive to empower the community - the people in and around the Salem region. Valliappa Foundation has chosen a medium that could echo the voices of commoners everywhere regarding content that interests, informs, and entertains this community.

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Vee Protect - Top Manufacturer and Supplier of Personal Protective Equipment
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important because it allows businesses to participate in initiatives

The Sona Group’s Contribution to Women Empowerment
The Sona Group’s Contribution to Women Empowerment

Corona-Scan & Corona-Support - Innovative App to Tackle COVID-19
Upholding a Century of Educational & Entrepreneurial Legacy, The Sona Group Completes 100 Years

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