Contact Tracing App to Detect COVID-19 Infected People Near You

Sona College of Technology and Vee Technologies have developed a location based contact tracing app.


About Vee Trace

Vee Trace is an innovative location-based, contact tracing app that was developed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through location-based tracing! This app helps you to quickly track COVID-19 affected individuals around and sends out timely alerts. Vee Technologies in association with the Sona College of Technology has launched this simple yet innovative app to trace the location and movement of the affected as well as unaffected individuals.

Aimed to make the social distancing efforts more effective, this app proactively helps people to stay away and stay safe during a pandemic. The app was developed by the engineers at Vee Technologies with assistance from technical interns from the Sona College of Technology. The application can be downloaded by anyone who aspires to stay safe and do their bit to ensure successful social distancing.

Vee Trace it is compatible with any smartphone having an active data pack. It is designed to track the affected individuals and notify the users when the affected individuals are within a distance of 10 m, 100 m & 1 km. The application needs voluntary public registration with accurate status updates. This is sufficient to generate and share accurate information with the health officials regularly, which helps them to track all the active infected cases around.

This simple application only requires the user to fill in simple basic information such as the user name, contact number, etc. when the user downloads the app. However, the success of the app hugely lies on the number of users downloading and using it appropriately. When more people start using this app, the chances of reducing the community spread will be higher. The app was developed by Vee Technologies and the Sona college of Technology, which are the subsidiaries of The Sona Group, a premier business group in India.

All Features

Overall Features of the App

veetrace feature
Self-assessment of employee health and wellness
Contact tracing through Bluetooth
Location tracking of the employees
Timely alerts/notifications
Elaborate dashboards/reports
Deployable in few days
Configurable and scalable to any number of locations and employees

Detailed Features of the App for Use in Corporates

When it comes to monitoring and managing employee health and wellness, Vee Trace offers some specific features for on boarding, admin as well as the end users. These features not only make the app extremely simple to use, but also make it highly efficient in detecting and preventing the spread of infection.

  • • Enables multiple admin
  • • Offers centralized control
  • • Provision for adding branches
  • • Geofencing latitudes and longitude

  • • Uses Bluetooth to send sound and vibrations alerts
  • • Bluetooth auto-force every one minute
  • • Self-Declaration form
  • • Tracking employee movement
  • • ‘Radius Board’ to show the infected, suspected and safe individuals within a defined radius
  • • Sends auto notifications when the user comes in contact with an infected individual over the past 14 days
  • • No need of active data; the app updates automatically when the internet is available
  • • Real-time data updates
  • • Auto check every 15 minutes to ensure the app is active and running

  • • Configurable distance for social distancing
  • • Configurable parameters for risk reporting
  • • Health Dashboard
  • • Detailed employee reports (5 types)
  • • Contact tracing
  • • Changing health status
  • • Two-factor authentication for every login


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Ensures that only Healthy Employees Enter the Facility

Ensures that only Healthy Employees Enter
the Facility

Enforce Social Distancing


Contact tracing data is few clicks-away for company ADMIN/HR

Contact tracing data is few clicks-away for company ADMIN/HR

Proactively prevent the spread of covid-19

Proactively Prevent
the Spread of


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