1980 - Road Map of the Valliappa Software Tech Park (VSTP) - Sona Towers
first satellite bought at sona tower

Our Chairman, Thiru. C. Valliappa, founded the incubation company Valliappa Software Tech Park (VSTP), which is popularly known as Sona Towers, today. This venture pioneered in bringing Information Technology (IT) to India in the 1980’s. The group was instrumental in getting India onto the international Information Technology map when our chairman brought Texas Instruments to India. Much to our surprise, the first satellite in the country that helped Texas Instruments help set up round-the-clock communication arrived on a bullock cart.

Valliappa Software Technology Park successfully incubated some of the IT Giants, which include Cisco, Oracle, Verifone and many more in India. Thiru. C. Valliappa was invited as a guest of the White House, a rare honor vested on only one businessman each year. This opportunity helped to understand American business strategies and identify possible business collaborations between India and the U.S.

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