Reverse logistics

We at Sona 3PL, Bangalore offer reverse logistics process for your customers to return the products for appropriate reasons. With customers requesting reverse logistics the details are added to the server and the audit report for future reference and documentation purpose. Once taking back the product the customers will be refunded or exchanged with a new product according to the request.

We provide transportation service for this reversal of products as well. With our service is compliant with your business policies makes suitable returns. We reduce cost by planning for reverse and reorder service, provide fast delivery, and replace or refund for the orders. With our apt service we retain your customers. Dealing with errors is one of the parts in making better business and better sales. By our timely reverse logistics, we keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Monitoring reverse logistics is the critical process of supply chain management. By turning blind-eye towards it can cost you the business. Joining hands with Sona 3PL helps you adapt to the shifting demands of your customers and market.