Inventory Management

As a Mid-sized to large-sized business, you need to balance between the process of production and the point of consumption of the final product to meet the consumer’s requirements, efficiently and effectively. That makes up to your customer satisfaction and business development.

But what happens in-between is you end up picking the products that add up for your cost. Sometimes as part of the supply chain management, you need to control and supervise purchases of the customers, maintenance of stock storage, command on the product sale, and order fulfillment. This is a lot of work which rockets your overhead cost.

Inventory management is the basis of well-functioning and frictionless supply chain management. The inventory management system tracks what comes in and goes out in the business. A report shows 43% of retail owners say inventory management functions are their biggest daily challenges. Overstocks or out of stocks are going to be a headache for the owners. We hear your problem and have a customizable solution to it.

We, Sona 3PL, offer inventory management in Bangalore, give reports of quantity, quality, and storage location of all products and goods. Also, our warehouse management assistants count the stock level that aids you in the production/ inventory maintenance process. With our inventory management team, we track your inventory and orders and fulfillment from both your customers and the suppliers. We record and manage goods/ products according to the warehouse location, available quantity, pallet ID, lot number, serial number, and expiration date.

Outsourcing inventory management service to Sona 3PL, Bangalore will lessen your overhead cost, reduce friction in managing and maintaining inventory.